Environmentally friendly with no added costs

Tyton profitably recycles fibers using water as a solvent, making our tech one of the cleanest in the recycling industry and cost competitive with virgin materials.

We engineer clean hydrothermal processes to generate value

Our Solutions

  • Dissolving Pulp

           At Tyton, we have developed a textile recycling solution that makes high-grade pulp. This pulp can be made into viscose and Lyocell type fabrics. We can environmentally and economically process pure cotton and poly-cotton blends, shifting the linear fashion system to a circular one.

  • Polyester Monomers

    Our Tyton technology can recycle polyester or poly-cotton blends into the building blocks of virgin-grade polyester. Using our clean process, we reduce polyester to its monomers (terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol), which allows us to recover value from old apparel and textiles.