Environmentally friendly with no added costs

Tyton creates solutions to help old industries meet current consumer expectations for environmentally sustainable products without compromises in quality, price, or convenience.

We engineer clean hydrothermal processes to generate value

Our Solutions

  • Pulp

    Tyton invented a new way of making paper that is faster, cleaner and more versatile than the process that has been used for nearly 150 years. Instead of starting with trees, Tyton’s tech can make paper from the billions of tons of plant material left on farms each year after harvest. Tyton’s solution expands access to affordable tree-free paper while preserving forests for the planet.

  • BioFuels

    Plants offer a fantastic resource for creating sustainable, non-petroleum chemicals and fuels. Tyton’s low-cost tobacco-based system for producing green chemicals and biofuels competes with the economics of oil, and it replaces oil rigs with fields of giant, green non-smoking tobacco that absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

  • Recycling

    Tyton’s technology recovers value from the waste that is currently sent to landfill. Our solutions cleanly separate and recover the metals, papers, and plastics that are interlaced in the most popular packaging items. We can process coffee cups, food/drink pouches, tetra-paks, K-cups, doypacks and much more helping preserve our natural resources for a growing planet.

  • New Applications

    Our technology platform is suited for a wide range of processing and extraction applications that require clean, scalable and economic solutions. Learn more about how we can help solve your challenges.