Affordable Biofuels

Fueling the Future with Tobacco

Tyton technology can produce plant-based biofuels and biochemicals that compete with the economics of oil. Our tech portfolio encompasses proprietary non-smoking tobacco, new growing methods, and the application of hydrothermal extraction methods for these product lines. With our multi-disciplinary approach, a world with carbon-friendly, environmentally sustainable fuels and chemicals is possible.

Tyton’s proprietary tobacco was initially developed under the leadership of Tyton co-founder Professor Hilary Koprowski (1916-2013) at the Biotechnology Foundation Laboratories of Thomas Jefferson University. Koprowski was a world-famous immunologist known for his work developing vaccines for polio and rabies, as well as advancing cancer detection in blood tests. His pharmaceutical research in plant-based vaccines led him to the creation of a superior green chemical crop: Tyton’s energy tobacco. Our non-smoking varieties are the plant-based bio-factories for Tyton’s chemical and fuel technology.


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Here’s what sets Tyton biochemicals and biofuels apart:

  • Super-Crop: Tyton tobacco produces per acre 3x more sugar than corn and 3x more oil than soy
  • Farmer Benefit: Tyton tobacco is grown like a row crop, and it produces higher returns per acre than row crops
  • Multiple Products: Our extraction yields sugar, oil and biochar products
  • Zero-Waste: Water plus Tyton tobacco goes in, and 3 products plus water come out.

Modular and Scalable: Tyton extraction technology is economical from small- to large-scale facilities

Biochemical and biofuel production requires expertise across several key areas where Tyton has world-class talent:

  • Molecular Biology: Our team excels at optimizing crop characteristics and the expression of certain genes for biochemical and biofuel production
  • Agronomy: Tyton developed new growing methods for energy tobacco, making this traditional labor-intensive crop more like a row crop with significantly higher levels of automation
  • Chemical Engineering: Hydrothermal extraction of biochemicals and bioproducts is the cornerstone of Tyton’s technology portfolio
  • Mechanical Engineering: Our team knows how to integrate and retrofit facilities with Tyton technology for improved sustainability and production performance