Luke Henning Chief Financial Officer, CFA

As Chief Financial Officer of Tyton Bio, Luke is in charge of the fiscal functions of the company, including financial modeling and projections, and accounting.He develops strategies for revenue generation, capitalization and the overall achievement of the company’s financial health. Additionally, Luke manages procurement, corporate research, IT and aspects of human resource management..

Prior to Tyton Bio, Luke was a senior manager at KPMG Advisory Services (South Africa) where he led their model audit practice and advised clients on financial risk. He also is an instructor in management and finance at the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business at Florida Institute of Technology.

He is a CFA Charter Holder and Certified Financial Risk Manager. Luke earned his MBA from Oxford University (United Kingdom) where he co-founded the Oxford University Seed Fund. He has a Master of Commerce Degree in Finance from University of Cape Town (South Africa), a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Economics from the University of Pretoria (South Africa)