As President and CEO of Tyton Bio, Peter leads the company in providing technology solutions to businesses that aim to protect the environment while also delivering value for its stakeholders.

Since co-founding the company in 2010, he has helped cultivate and grow a world-class team to develop and expand the reach of Tyton’s services and technology. Under his leadership, Tyton Bio expanded upon its  capabilities in producing biofuels and green chemicals from tobacco to address a growing list of challenges in seemingly unrelated industries, like recycling and paper production. Peter continues to focus on aligning Tyton Bio’s 21st century solutions with the challenges facing business leaders looking to create sustainable solutions for a healthier planet and stronger economy.

Prior to co-founding Tyton Bio, Peter was a partner and Chief Operating Officer for Windmill International, a US based investment company focused on financing early-stage projects and companies in Europe’s newest NATO or EU members. Before Windmill, Peter worked as an independent consultant facilitating post-war construction in Iraq. Peter was a US Naval Officer for nearly six years, with numerous distinguished posts on warships, in the Office of the Secretary of the Navy, and spent significant time in Iraq on behalf of special task forces and working groups established by the Secretary of Defense and Coalition Provisional Authority.


Peter holds numerous patents, is a published author, and has been quoted in various periodicals including the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and USA Today. Peter earned his Bachelor in Science degree in Applied Economics at Cornell University and his MBA with honors from Duke University.