Our Technology

Subcritical Processing

Tyton’s flexible technology platform can be tailored to fit a broad spectrum of starting materials (biomass, metals, composites, etc. ) and the desired end-product goals of our customers at an affordable cost. We design for practical implementation, integration with existing operations, and sensible business outcomes.

Tyton technology has been used to create a new, cleaner process to make pulp for paper from plants or trees, with a better than 90% reduction in chemistry. It has been used to recycle materials that conventional systems are unable to process affordably, like coffee cups, tetra-paks, aluminized labels, and pouches. It has been used to extract sugars, oils, and other compounds from tobacco for biochemicals and biofuels. We also continue to utilize the technology with partners for confidential applications.

Tyton is the world leader in subcritical water technology

a 21st century processing solution that harnesses the power of clean water to achieve the same results as organic solvents in a wide variety of applications.

Plant Science & Agronomy

Tyton maintains first-class capabilities in plant sciences, with a team of experts spanning molecular biology, plant genetics, microbiology, chemistry, and agronomy. Tyton is developing new industrial crops to convert into high-value products. Tyton’s specialty is proprietary industrial, non-smoking tobacco, which we have developed into a giant, biomass-producing plant for conversion to pulp, biochemicals, biofuels, and other valuable products. In addition to creating industrial varieties of tobacco, Tyton developed a new agronomic manual to amplify the real-world impact of its specialized crop.

Analytical Capabilities

Tyton’s analytical lab is equipped to perform a broad range of chemistry and physical property tests relevant to biochemicals, pulp, recycling and other applications. We complement our in-house capabilities with certified, external lab analyses, as needed.

Our Tech Portfolio

Tyton’s interdisciplinary approach to practical, industry-oriented solutions has generated an expanding intellectual property portfolio of patents (granted and pending), engineering designs, trade secrets, and know-how.

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