Clean Pulp

Revolutionizing the Sustainability of Paper Products

Tyton technology can make paper pulp, dissolving pulp, and molded pulp with a 90% reduction in chemistry. Instead of using trees for the starting material, our unique pulping process uses the billions of tons of plant biomass leftover on farms after crops are harvested. Tyton has created a truly sustainable method of paper-making.

For the last 130 years, the same chemical methods have been used to produce paper, putting the industry at the very top of the list for water and energy usage. In addition, certain regions of the world experience strong deforestation pressures as population growth accelerates demand for paper and packaging products.  

Today, consumers think about the environmental impact of the products they purchase and are demanding sustainable processes. Tyton is delivering.



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Why Tyton?

Clean.  90% less chemicals

Non-tree & Feedstock Agnostic.  Tested with wheat straw, corn stover, bagasse, pine, mill residues, tobacco and others

Scalable.  Achieves good economics at small or large operations

Sustainable. Competes with the economics and quality of wood pulp

Versatile. Third-party validated and qualified for different categories of pulp: dissolving, molded and BEK applications

Adds value.  Farmers benefit with increased revenue from the billions of tons of crop residue that Tyton can make