Hydro-Thermal Recycling

Redefining global opportunities and economics

Tyton’s technology can recycle and recover value from materials that currently are sent to landfill. Our solutions cleanly separate and recover metals, paper, and plastics that are components of the most popular consumer items and post-industrial waste. We also can purify industrial products contaminated with chemicals or other compounds.

Tyton’s tech is ideally suited for corporations that aim for no-landfill or zero-landfill operations to improve their sustainability.  Furthermore, many national and local government entities are examining zero-landfill goals for their waste streams in the near-term.  

From an economic perspective, recycling is a winner. Some estimate that more than $11 billion of valuable material is landfilled at a cost of $7 billion annually in the United States. For more about waste and recycling, read here (https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2016-11/documents/2014_smmfactsheet_508.pdf). Furthermore, using recycled material is cheaper feedstock for corporate manufacturers than virgin materials that are mined, harvested, or pumped out of the ground.

Tyton’s technology can fill critical gaps in the recycling industry landscape.


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Waste Products Recycled

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