Iulian Bobe

Iulian Bobe, PhD Chief Technology Officer

As co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Tyton Bio, Iulian is the architect of and strategist behind Tyton’s multi-disciplinary technology platform.By integrating the expertise of Tyton Bio’s employees and senior consultants, Iulian is pioneering advancements in technology that combine chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, microbiology and other disciplines.

Prior to Tyton Bio, Iulian was employee number 5 at a Japanese biotech company called NanoCarrier, which was valued at some point more than $1 billion. At NanoCarrier, he held numerous positions, went on to lead licensing and clinical/business development, and helped the company raise more than $180 million through several financing events including an IPO.


Iulian earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Osaka Prefecture University (Japan) and his MBA from Duke University.